Vacuum & Pressure Impregnation

By: Freshcast Ltd  26/02/2014
Keywords: castings, leaks, Impregnation

A new service available through Freshcast from February 2014 and a slight departure from our mainstream activities to date of surface cleaning and etching. Yet truly in line with our philosophy of offering our customers the ability to enhance the value of their offerings to their customers. Porosity is the level of porousness inherent in the material used to make any product. It can be found in any type of metal casting or part and is a particular problem in castings made from aluminium, zinc, bronze, iron, magnesium and other alloys. Porosity is always present in powdered or sintered metal parts. Vacuum or pressure impregnation seals the porosity at the sub surface level. Whether die, sand or investment cast, made from aluminium, brass, bronze, graphite, iron, plastic, magnesium, or stainless, if it leaks or causes surface finish blow holes impregnation may well be your solution. When parts are machined, both blind and enclosed porosity can often be revealed and lead to continuous porosity where leakages occur.

Keywords: blow hole, castings, Impregnation, leaks, Pressure Impregnation, Vacuum Impregnation,

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