Pyrolysis "Burn-Off" Paint and Plastic Removal

By: Freshcast Ltd  26/02/2014
Keywords: Powder Coating Removal, nylon removal, polyester removal,

An effective method of removing coverings made from plastics such as nylon or polyester, powder coatings, resinous coatings. These materials offer stiff resistance to cleaning by other methods. The items to be cleaned are heated in a chamber with an induced low-oxygen climate so the contaminants vaporise. These are then blown into another chamber where they are brought to a higher temperature again and the complex, volatile compounds decompose into their various elements and simpler compounds. The solids end up harmlessly on the chamber floor and the now-safe gases, mainly carbon dioxide and water, can be safely released into the atmosphere.

Keywords: nylon removal, polyester removal, Powder Coating Removal,

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