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By:  15/12/2009
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Winter Sport Kit: £11.99

For Skiing and Snowboarding - Survive the slopes and the Piste!

Whether you are a skier, a snowboarder or just enjoying the off piste activities.

Individual Products Total: £14.63
By Buying The Kit You Save: £2.64

Kit Contains:

Reusable Gel Hand Warmers (Pair)
Dextro Energy Tablets
Washproof Plsters x 4
Pocket Tissues
Microporous Sports Tape
SPF 50 Lip Guard
Mineral Spa Moisturiser
Hotteeze For Feet (pair)
Uvisport SPF 30 Suncream Sachet
Airport Friendly Resealable Bag
Drawstring Rucksack

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