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By:  13/07/2010
Keywords: camping equipment, festival gear

Shewee - The portable urinating device for women. An essential Female Product for Festivals.  


The portable urinating device allows women to urinate whilst standing & without removing clothes. No more uncomfortable squatting or bare bottoms! Ultimate in feminine hygiene.

Shewee is great for:
- walkers
- campers
- skiers
- golfers
- cyclists
- canoeists
- mountaineers
- horsewomen
- gliders
- pilots
- bird watchers
- climbers
- in the car
- festival and concert goers
- dog walkers
- long-distance truck drivers
- scuba divers
- backpackers
- holiday makers
- landscape architects
- anglers and fly-fisher women
- joggers, runners and athletes
- windsurfers
- yachtswomen
- women in the Armed Forces
- policewomen
- emergency service workers  

Shewee is great too, even if you're less mobile, for:
- hospital inpatients
- wheelchair users
- disabled and mobility impaired
- people with continence concerns
- pregnant
- elderly
- confined to bed
- people giving urine samples
- injured
- women recovering from surgery  

- Shewee is Reusable.
- Colour: natural.
- Weight: 17g (not inc. packaging).
- Length: 170mm Width: 35mm.
-Material: Polypropylene (Shewee is manufactured in natural Polypropylene because this is the most environmentally friendly plastic- it can be recycled more easily than coloured plastics) Cleaning: Urine is sterile as it leaves the body- so you don’t have to clean your Shewee after every use. However, Shewee can be cleaned by machine or hand and withstands temperatures of up to 120°C.  


Keywords: camping equipment, festival gear