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By:  13/07/2010
Keywords: festivals, hiking, camping gear

Ploo Box - The Portable Toilet! - As seen on Top Gear on 15-Nov-2009.  


We also stock Ploo Poo Bag Refills in packs of 10.  

The Ploo is a lightweight, portable & reusable cardboard toilet, made specifically for outdoor use.

It has the following features:  

- It collapses neatly to a 35cm square flat-pack and pops into the duffle bag provided for ease of carrying.
- It comes with 10 degradable poo bags and a packet of tissues.
- It takes up to 16 stone/101kg in weight easily! (obviously Clarkson - a six foot 5 tubber - weighs slightly more).
- All the components are degradable.
- The inner bag has an additive which reacts with the bag & it's contents - degrading it to leave water and a little co2

How It Works:
- “Tap it and unwrap it”
- Fold and make steady
- Insert pooh bag
- Do your stuff
- Clean up
- Remove, and tie up bag
- Crack and fold down box
- Stash box in duffel bag
- Dispose of poo bag responsibly
- Off you go...
- Comes with step by step instructions!  

The Ploo is ideal for:
- Festivals - You've seen festival toilets, No more portaloo hell
- Camping - For the great outdoors
- Road Trips - Beats squatting in bushes
- Kids Caught Short - They always are!
- Building Sites - When there's no facilities
- Fishing - Doubles as a stool (ha ha)  

The Ploo is 35 X 35 X 35cm (when set up). It's also designed to be used again... again ... and again! - as it's made from 80% recycled card - you'll be doing your (bob) bit for the environment!  

Keywords: camping gear, festivals, hiking