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By:  15/12/2009
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Camping Kit: £34.99

If you're Bear Grylls you're camping kit list might be - leaves (tent), stick (tent frame), animal dung (for a wash & a cuppa).

The rest of us would probably want a collection of handy small and lightweight tools that keep us clean, dry, safe and fed - and protect us from the elements.

Individual Products Total: £44.07
By Buying The Kit You Save: £9.08 (20%)
No. of Products in Kit:
Kit Weight: 865g.

The Camping Kit contains:
11-in-1 Mini Tool Card with Compass
Pack of 10 Magic Towels
Microfibre Bath Towel
Spork - Knife Fork Spoon
Universal Sink Plug
Head Torch with batteries
Hotteeze For Feet
Waterproof Poncho
2 x Sachets Uvisport® SPF30 Sun Cream
Pantene Shampoo 30ml
Pantene Conditioner 30ml
Mineral Spa Shower Gel 30ml
Dental Kit with Colgate Toothpaste
Travel Size Deodorant (Nivea®, Lynx® or Adidas®)
Lip Balm
Mosquito & Insect Repellent
Antibacterial Hand Sanitiser
Antiseptic Alcohol Free Wipes X 4
Washproof Plasters X 4
Paloma Pocket Tissues
Packet of Dextro Energy Tablets
string (2 metres)
Ear Plugs
Resealable Waterproof Bag - (20 X 20cm)
Bin Liner
Drawstring Bag

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