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By: ArchiFACT Ltd.  24/02/2011
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ArchiFACT's experience includes the provision of expert witnesses in cases relating to professional negligence, delay, design, materials, workmanship and patent infringement in connection variously with litigation, adjudication, international and domestic arbitration.  We have successfully dealt with disputes under 7 different legal jurisdictions.  Most cases were settled to our clients' satisfaction after expert evidence was disclosed without the need to go to a full hearing.  Of those which were not, the tribunals found in our clients' favour.

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Other products and services from ArchiFACT Ltd.


Building defects investigations

  Building defects are costly; taking the right advice at the right time can save money and years of hassle.


Forensic Engineer

When something goes wrong or a dispute arises you benefit from a speedy resolution.  This is best assured by employing consultants with true expertise.  Our skilled forensic engineers have long experience in both civil and structural engineering and are familiar with the disciplines involved in applying this to forensic cases.


forensic architect

ArchiFACT is a resource for any who are concerned with the compliance of building design and work with regulation, contract requirements, standards and good practice.  We work in support of our clients' legal advisors or independently to help resolve disputes and find remedies to building problems.  Our experts have between them many decades of experience in architectural forensics and can give clear authoritative advice and provide sound expert evidence.


building disputes

First hand familiarity and field experience are combined with training and qualification to provide a competent resource on which you can rely


Alternative dispute resolution

Construction disputes are often costly and always time wasting.  The main formal methods of building dispute resolution: adjudication, arbitration and litigation, can usually be avoided by taking expert advice in good time.  Alternatives such as expert determination, mediation and conciliation are available and may save you cost and time if approached correctly.  We can offer advice on all of these, guiding you past the expensive mistakes many make when faced with a


faulty construction, building failures

Targetted expertese is available as and where required at a cost proportionate to the demands made on it.


defective construction inspections and expert reports

Dealing with defective construction can be expensive and time wasting.  Employing the experts at the outset is your quickest way to a satisfactory resolution.


Forensic Construction

Most of our clients achieve a successful settlement out of court following the submission of expert evidence.  Of our clients whose cases went to a full hearing - all won their case.  To maintain this record we review the facts carefully, give clear accurate advice and prepare expert evidence which is compelling and reliable.


Building Defects Specialists

Archifact are specialists in investigating and resolving building defects.  We provide individual and highly experienced attention to each building defects problem.  We have decades of experiance as building defects consultants.