Graffiti Remover

By: DC Cleaning Solutions  30/09/2010
Keywords: Commercial Cleaning, cleaning products, Cleaning Chemicals

DC Graffiti Remover is a high quality, formulated solution specifically formulated for the removal of all types of graffiti ranging from spray paints, inks, felt tip pens, grease pencils and most dyes. DC Graffiti remover is impeccable in its ability to remove spray paint from most substrates particularly brick and stonewalls. Approved and trialed by Councils throughout the UK our product leads the way in performance whilst providing a cost effective alternative to a usually high cost market. We suggest the following to maximise effectiveness when using DC Graffiti Remover: Firstly the affected area should be wetted with water we suggest either by brushing or spraying onto the desired surface Then simply apply DC Graffiti Remover mirroring the same method Almost immediately power wash the solution off the desired surface, removing the Graffiti, leaving the previously problematic area perfectly clean area. The product is a mostly colourless liquid of the petroleum distillate group with an aromatic solvent scent. 

Keywords: Cleaning Chemicals, cleaning products, Commercial Cleaning