By: LTC & DTC  19/11/2009
Keywords: Dry Cleaning, business consulting, laundry services

Laundry Supervisor Course with the Guild of Launderers and Cleaners Certification and NVQ level 2.   

Laundry and Drycleaning Operator and Support Training  to NVQ Level 2 with 11 ‘Operator work-book self-check’ modules – each supported with PowerPoint presentation material.    In the UK this training is funded in the UK through the government “Train to Gain” initiative and is at no cost for qualifying candidates. Operator training is also becoming a key issue in a number of countries and the LTC Laundry Operator NVQ Level 2 workbook and training materials have now been approved for use in South Africa.  

Laundry Manager – Technical Training: This is a 9 days classroom course made up from 5 days washing technology and 4 days Finishing Technology.  

Laundry Engineers training: The laundry engineer is critical to the efficient and cost effective laundry operation. This  4 days classroom course focuses on the application and effect of the engineering skills vital to the laundry operation.   Text Books  -  We currently have two textbooks we have published for re-sale:-   (a)          ‘Laundry Supervisor Manual’
(b)          ‘Ironer Handbook’.

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