By: LTC & DTC  19/11/2009
Keywords: Dry Cleaning, auditing, Management Consultants

Our consultancy work is based on standardised reporting and assessment procedures relating to key areas of laundry and drycleaning operations as well as specific problem solving investigation work.   Our standard assessment consultancy work covers the following areas:-  

Quality Audits and assessments : We currently have two principal areas of quality assessment: (a) Quality and Hygiene of finished items and (b) Quality of the processing environment in terms of systems, procedures and controls which is primarily aimed at the Healthcare sector.  

Resource Management and Energy Surveys:  These cover boiler management, condensate recovery, steam utilisation, incoming water quality, water utilisation and effluent quality; benchmarking of present consumption against achievable targets; identification of the three-step process for achieving these targets.  

Strategic Reviews: These look at the overall performance of an organisation, covering buildings, equipment, layout, cost, staffing and investment strategy.  

Hygiene reviews:  These are strategic studies of the organisation’s hygiene management, including certification to EN ISO 14065 and ISO 9000.  

Systems, products and equipment validation/assessment: This covers the independent assessment of the key performance indicators of new technology, machinery and services in a variety of laundry and textile applications.

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