By: LTC & DTC  19/11/2009
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Drycleaning damaged? We will establish what the fault is and who is to blame enabling compensation to be claimed.

Fault Analysis - Items which are the subject of complaint are sent to LTC for detailed investigation and report.  This service aims at identifying the fault, explains how to put it right and who should take responsibility for the fault.  

Soil and Stain Removal Assessment – by the use of a laundry test piece which highlights any developing problems, focus on wash results which represent poor value and generally bring cleanliness under management control and recommend improvements.  This is done through processing a single wash EMPA test pieces soiled with Mineral oil, vegetable oil, vegetable dye, Blood only and Blood/Milk/carbon which is measured and assessed against industry standards.  

Fabric Damage Assessment – using a 25 wash EMPA test pieces subjected to chemical cuprammonium fluidity testing and also assesses Whiteness Reflectance, Brightness, Rinse efficiency, Residual bleach and Iron (Fe) contamination. From this test piece we are able to project the anticipated life expectancy of processed textiles and recommend appropriate remedial actions in the event of above target levels of fabric damage.  

Microbiological Analysis – on textiles and garments by the use of contact dipslides or swabs to assess TVC, Coliforms and Moulds/Fungus as well as on-site at all critical control points in the laundry cycle. This service validates the reduction in microbiological activity resulting from the wash process as well as indicating potential areas of re-contamination of laundered textiles.  

Analysis Tools – we sell the following tools for use with in laundries:
(a)     Digital reflectometer,
(b)     Brightness meter,
(c)     EMPA soiled test swatches,
(d)     Fabric damage test swatches,
(e)     Contact dipslides,
(f)      Incubator for dipslides.

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