Ecological Surveys

By: Wildbanks Conservation  13/07/2010
Keywords: Land Management, Habitat Creation, Protected Species Surveys

Wildbanks Conservation offers a specialist ecological consultancy service operating throughout the north of England and Wales. We have the technical expertise and specialist knowledge of protected species, planning legislation and environmental policy to deliver positive outcomes for both wildlife and client.

Our ecological knowledge and extensive practical skills allows us to offer a ‘one stop’ service, frequently reducing the cost and duration of projects. 


With over 15 years experience, Wildbanks Conservation can undertake ecological surveys for protected species and habitats including

·         Great Crested Newts

·         Bats

·         Water Vole

·         Otter

·         Badger

·         Reptiles

·         Phase 1 habitat and NVC

·         Hedgerows

We hold the required Natural England survey licences and are highly experienced in obtaining the development licences to undertake mitigation projects when needed.


Mitigation design, implementation and monitoring

Our workforce is very much a practical team and is skilled in designing and implementing mitigation projects including installing newt and reptile fencing to building otter holts, badger setts and bespoke bat buildings.  We pride ourselves on our adaptability and being able to think practically, coming up with solutions that all parties are happy with.

Keywords: Barn Owls, Bat Survey, Great Crested Newts, Habitat Creation, Habitat Surveys, Land Management, Otters, Phase 1 surveys, Protected Species Surveys, Water Vole