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By: njk hair   17/11/2009
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1. Consultation – What happens

The first stage of the process is to have a FREE NO OBLIGATION one to one consultation with my self lasting approx. 30mins.

The purpose of this is to show you the many different ways you can extend your hair and the different colour options that you have. I will also fit you with a one free test extensions giving you the chance to feel and live with the extensions to ensure that you are going to be happy with them in.

Further to this we can talk about your specific requirements regarding length, highlights, lowlights, volume and thickness your hair needs to be before I fit the extensions and the look you want when finished.

On the day preparation is also essential and I will guide you through what you need to do on the day of fitting and will leave some special clarifying shampoo.

At the end of the consultation I will require a £50 non refundable deposit if you want to proceed or 50% deposit if you want European or Virgin hair ordering. If you are happy with everything we can book an appointment usually around 5-7 days after consultation allowing for delivery and to ensure you are happy with your test extensions.

2. Types of hair

I use usually 4 different types of high quality 100% human Remy hair, which is cuticle correct. This will minimise tangling and will stay looking shinny and healthy, it comes in straight, body wave or curly  



  1. Indian Hair

The most popular hair on the market today. The straight hair has a slight wave to it when wet. The texture will fit in with most European hair types and can with stand all types of daily styling.

  1. European Hair

Well known for its smoother texture and look, this hair has natural movement to it and withstands all daily styling. The quality is of such that you can double the time you are wearing it if cared for compared to Indian Hair and is considered the best option for most.

  1. Indian Virgin Hair

Called “Virgin” hair as it has never been coloured or processed with any chemical and comes from one single donor. Coming in natural shades only the hair can be coloured and can last for upto 1 to 2 years if you take care of it properly and also have regular maintenance.


  1. Brazilian Virgin Hair

Very similar to Indian Virgin hair and has the same non chemical background, also from one donor, however I have found it to be slightly silkier and shinier in texture and also can last for upto 1 to 2 years if you take care of it properly and also have  regular maintenance.


3. Types of applications / bonding

Pre- Bonded

Pre bonded hair is a small bunch of hairs that has Keratin on it. Keratin is a protein found in normal hair and is none damaging. This coupled with a few strands of your own hair is rolled and the Keratin melted together to create the extension.


Fusion bonding is the oldest method of extensions and is similar to pre-bonded however the Keratin is added manually to hair then bonded to your own.


Shrinkies are small tubes with a Keratin lining. They are used with stick tipped pre bonded hair. The shrinkies tube is threaded to your own hair and then the stick tip hair is pushed up inside the tube and bonded with a heat connector. This shrinks the tube around your hair and forms the new seal.

Micro Links

Micro Links are a gentle attachment which involves NO heat or glues. The link is threaded onto your own hair and the stick tipped extension and simply clamped together.

Copper Tube

Copper tube is the same as Micro Links, however are longer and lay flatter on the head. This is one of  the easiest method to maintain.


Protac Tape

Protac tape is used by applying the tape to a weft of extension hair then applying your hair to it. This can last for up to 2 months with regular maintenance and then can be reapplied after that time. This is a medical grade tape designed to replace strong liquid adhesives the tape has pierced holes allowing the skin to breathe and provides a very strong hold.

Clip Ons

Clip ons are a weft of extension hair with clips attached to them, this is simply clipped on to your hair. These are a great TEMPORARY way of extending you hair, perfect for parties, weddings and any special occasion and is a cheaper alternative to the strand by strand method used in the above. The hair comes in 16 different clours and is 18” in length. I can show you how to fit and remove them yourself and will cut them to fit perfectly with your hair and will colour match.

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