Worldwide B2B customer satisfaction surveys

Worldwide B2B customer satisfaction surveys from InfoQuest CRM

By: InfoQuest CRM  08/09/2010
Keywords: Customer satisfaction surveys, Business Customer Satisfaction

Studies have consistently shown that a "Totally Satisfied" customer is as much as ten times more likely to buy again than a customer who is merely "Somewhat Satisfied." 

Unfortunately, for every customer complaint the typical company receives, there will be, on average, 27 others that are never reported - even when you ask.

In recent years, many companies have resorted to some kind of customer satisfaction survey to find out what their customers really want and need.  Normally delivered on paper or electronically, by personal interview or by telephone, business owners and managers are seemingly deluged with such customer satisfaction surveys.  Many view them as irritating intrusions on busy schedules.  Response rates of 5-10% prove that their completion is not viewed as a high priority. 

The dilemma is, how can a company open up lines of communication and obtain vital commercial knowledge without annoying its customers and undermining the business relationship?  That's where InfoQuest steps in.

Keywords: Business Customer Satisfaction, Customer satisfaction surveys