3D Life Castings and Impressions of Babies and Toddlers Hands and Feet

3D Life Castings and Impressions of Babies and Toddlers Hands and Feet from Ikle Hands n Feet

By: Ikle Hands n Feet  26/02/2009

 child's early years are such precious times, especially the baby months.  3D castings and out-print impressions are the perfect way to capture those early days as memories forever.
Many parents cherish these keepsakes and they also make the ideal gift for grandparents, family members, mothers and fathers day...etc.

3D life casting captures the exact size of their little hands and feet along with every last detail including skin texture, nails and each little crease.

Out-print impressions are an alternative to 3D castings but unlike clay in-print impressions, show the same level of detail, skin texture, markings and creases.
These are only suitable once your little one is past the stage of clenching fits and curling toes which is fine for 3D casting.

Dental alginate is used to make the mould for both casting and out-print impressions, which being designed to use in the mouth makes the process completely safe.
Both processes are relatively easy but due to wriggling little ones it may take more than one attempt!  You may have experimented with DIY kits for taking impressions and castings with poor results, therefore to ensure you have that perfect memory to cherish forever, why not benefit from my experience and have it created for you?
Finished pieces can be displayed in box-frames, or on wooden and marble plinths to your choosing.