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Face ‘Fx’-meter from Face Consultants

By: Face Consultants  15/04/2011
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 Face Consultants (Face) are now able to offer floor surveys to the recently introduced VDMA guidelines with the introduction of the Face ‘Fx’-meter as an attachment to its current Face Digital DIN 15185 Profileograph.  This now enhances the family of Face Digital floor surveying equipment which already covers TR34 (FM and DM), The American F number system (including F min), EN 15620, DIN 18202 and Din 15185.

Although Face can now survey the VDMA guidelines they do not currently endorse the recommendations as they have yet to be validated and peer reviewed.

In 2009 / 2010 Federation Européenne de la Manutention (FEM) drafted a guidance document (FEM 4.007) with recommendations for surface regularity which was based on the DIN 15185 specification but introduced a very small short wavelength control called ‘‘Fx’’. These recommendations were presented to the BITA - WITI Working Group (WG) on 14th July 2010 by members of the FEM Working Group 4.  It was the decision of the BITA WG that it could not approve the FEM guidance note in totality and that further validation was required. Shortly after this meeting the FEM WG decided that the FEM 4.007 guidance note be removed from the table and the working group closed.

In September 2010 VDMA introduced a guideline “Floors for use with VNA Trucks” which is a slightly amended version of the FEM Guidance note rejected by FEM a few months earlier.

Constructing, testing and grinding floors to a standard of flatness to ensure a degree of performance is not new and floor flatness specifications to control surface regularity for VNA, defined forklift traffic has been around since the late 1970’s with the introduction of the ACI - F number system and in particular the F min numbers for VNA applications.

In the late 1980’s the UK took a slightly different approach with the introduction of a floor flatness standard in The Concrete Society’s Technical Report No. 34. (TR34). The terms; Superflat, Category 1 and Category 2 were born.

In the third edition of TR34, a new surface regularity specification was introduced which looked at the floor profile as the truck actually saw it and based on the same principles of measurement used in the USA. This new specification is found in Appendix C of TR34.

In 2008 EN 15620 “Steel static storage systems – Adjustable pallet racking – Tolerances, deformations and clearances” was developed which included a surface regularity standard for floors with VNA applications.  This European Norm is tested using the same principles as TR34 Appendix C recommendations with some slight modifications to the limits.


Face Consultants Ltd are an independent, UKAS accredited organisation for flatness compliance testing, specialist advisors in floor design, flatness requirements, joint planning and consultancy. Key services include:

-    Design and Consultancy.

-    Floor flatness compliance testing surveys to British (TR34), German (DIN) or American (Fmin) standards.

-    Abrasion Resistance Testing to BS8204-2: 2003 requirements – UKAS Accredited.

-    Face Digital Profileograph, for VNA & Narrow Racking Aisle flatness surveys – UKAS Accredited.

Face Consultants Ltd are part of the CoGri Group of companies, a consortium of international industrial floor solution specialists with over 20 years global experience in the Design, Construction, Upgrading and Repair of Industrial Concrete floors.

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