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By: d s cabinet makers {project seven school furniture}  03/01/2010
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Bespoke luxury beds.
Complete with 37 inch led tv and a pc media center.
Work, rest and play has a whole new meaning with this top of the range luxury bed.
Watch your favourite tv programes and films, check your emails, have a glance at facebook or lay back and play a game....the choice is yours and its all so easy. ( you don't even have to get out of bed)
At the press of a button a 37 inch l.e.d tv comes out of the foot of the bed and the media centre is situated within the side of the bed frame within easy reach.

The beds are made from solid european oak, various designs of bed are available.
Handcarved designs i.e oak/ivy leaves etc can be commisioned, just ask for details.

introducing a new service from project seven bespoke furniture including the new t.v bed soon to hit the market in febuary.the bed will be made from solid oak and within the bed end will be a full 37" samsung led tv with hd and also built into bed end a media center to watch blueray surf the net or just work from the comfort of your own bed.all this from a push of a button and the bed end opens to reveil the tv on a lift.there will be a special offer on theses beds the price well normally be £8500.00 but if you take up one of are domenstration offers you can recieve the bed for £ included in this price is a solid oak bed and 37" led t.v not a media center which will play blue ray and also you will be able to surf and work also game using windows 7.also a full sound system built into bed head.if you tell me your design for bed this can also be worked into the price.

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