Beer books

By: Beer Inn Print  02/03/2009

There is a vast range of beer books at Beer-Inn Print. Books about beer from Britain, France, Germany and the USA. Not just Beer Guide books but books about brewing beer from simple home brew to exotic beer styles. If you want to find out more about pubs in your area or a place you may be visiting then see the large selection of Pub Guides listing current pubs around the UK or looking into the past the huge range of Pub History books dealing with the past. Associated subjects include pub architecture both interior and exterior and brewery architecture. Beer magazines are also stocked, both British and American (the latter for home/craft brewing).

If you want to decorate your bar or home with colourful and attractive beer adverts then look no further  - there is a vast array of beer posters available, both original posters from British breweries and quality reproductions of famous French affiches for les bieres.
Besides beer posters there is a big range of reproduction beer signs (and whisky ones too). These are quality productions ranging in size from minature (8x11cm) through medium size (20x30cm) to large signs (40x60cm). The minature beer signs come with a plastic magnet and can be used as Fridge Magnets; the others are for hanging or securing to a wall. There are reproductions of old English and Scottish beer adverts dating from the 1910s, German beer adverts from the 1920s and Czech beer adverts of a similar vintage and a smaller number of Danish, Dutch, Spanish and Russian beer signs.