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By: Halifax Decorating Services  11/11/2010
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SEMPATAP has been in use in the UK and Europe for over 20 years. It has been successfully installed in 1,000’s of flats and houses by Local Authorities and Housing Associations throughout the land for combating condensation problems. SEMPATAP THERMAL is the 10mm variety specifically developed for energy conservation often referred to as 'magic wallpaper' or 'flexible insulating lining'. It is a remarkable material which, when applied inside the property on external walls, substantially reduces heat loss and rooms immediately feel warmer.  The material has been tested by the National Physical Laboratory and figures produced by the Building Research Establishment show considerable kilowatt saving.  SEMPATAP THERMAL is approved as an Energy Saving Product by the Energy Saving Trust and qualifies for CERT Funding (Carbon Emmissions Reduction Target). SEMPATAP THERMAL provides excellent carbon reduction - on a 3 bed semi, the annual savings are 679 kg CO which is the same as for cavity fill. Unedr CERT Market Transformation Action Sempatep Thermal receives a 50% uplift in CO reduction. SEMPATAP THERMAL has been awarded the prestigious status of a ‘Recommended’ product by the Energy Saving trust for the insulation of solid-wall homes.  Copies of BRE reports and E.S.T. Approvals and CERT figures available on request

As simple as wallpaper to apply, SEMPATAP THERMAL provides warmer living conditions within the home, helps minimise heat loss through cold walls and dramatically reduces the incidence of condensation.  See application sequence (1).

SEMPATAP THERMAL is quick and easy to put up with hardly any mess and can be decorated with virtually any finish - emulsion, wallpaper - it can even be tiled.

The energy savings using SEMPATAP THERMAL are dramatic and can be used on all types of homes – flats, houses, bungalows and mobile homes.   It can also be applied on a DIY basis.   SEMPATAP THERMAL has been the subject of three E.S.T. Innovation Programmes, which independently demonstrate the product’s effectiveness.  SEMPATAP THERMAL can not only be used for insulating solid walls, it can also be used for ceilings – flat concrete ceilings, mansard roofs and dormer ceilings.  See application sequence (2).

SEMPATAP THERMAL is the easy to use, economical solution for reducing CO2 emissions and lowering heat loss. It makes the property more energy efficient and immediately provides a warmer and more comfortable environment whilst helping to protect against Global Warming.

Technical Information
Roll Size: 1m wide x 12.5m long
Thickness: 10mm
Weight/roll: 25kg

Weight/m²: 2kg
Thermal Resistance: 0.158m² K/W
Resistance of untreated wall = 1/2.1 = 0.476
Resistance with SEMPATAP = 0.476 + 0.158 = 0.634
U-value with SEMPATAP = 1/0.634 = 1.58 W/m²K
Life expectancy:30 years
Test Reports/Approvals National Physical Laboratory – µ value rating
Building Research Establishment – kilowatt savings
The Loss Prevention Council, Fire Propagation B.S. 476 Part 6 – Fire Rating Class 1

The Loss Prevention Council, Spread of Flame B.S. 476 Part 7 – Fire Rating Class 1
SME Centre de Recherche du Bouchet – Fire Rating Class M1
Northern Ireland Housing Executive – A

Energy Saving Trust – Energy Saving product
Energy Saving Trust – “Recommended” product
I.R.T. Surveys - Thermographic Survey
Building Research Establishment - CO2 Savings

          Visual Image                               Before Thermal                               After Thermal


In the before image, inconsistent temperatures can be seen in red and yellow colours indicating heat loss due to poor detailing or missing/ damaged insulation. Warmer temperatures are seen on the bottom level of this property suggesting heating is on compared to the above level; however it could simply be there is no insulation at all. Analysis of the property after insulation reveals significantly reduced heat loss across the elevation suggesting a much more energy efficient property.

With acknowledgement to IRT Surveys Ltd.  01382 228700

Frequently Asked Questions

If I wallpaper can I redecorate?
Yes, no problem. SEMPATAP THERMAL has a fibreglass surface and will not be affected by using a steam stripper or hot soapy water.  Should you accidentally damage SEMPATAP THERMAL with a wallpaper scraper, make good with polyfiller or plasterer’s mate.
How long will it last?
As long, if not longer than plasterboard.  The Energy Saving Trust give SEMPATAP THERMAL a life expectancy of thirty years.
Will it stop condensation?
SEMPATAP THERMAL is excellent for these problems because it makes the wall surface warm and moisture will not condense on warm surfaces.  If you have black mould on the walls you must treat it first with MGC MOULD ERADICATION KIT.
Can I use SEMPATAP THERMAL on the ceiling?
Yes, SEMPATAP THERMAL can be put on both walls and ceilings.  It is particularly good if you have a flat roof property or extension or on concrete ceilings.
Can I use SEMPATAP THERMAL on the floor?
We have a specially designed variety for floors called SEMPAFLOOR which is easy to fit and very good on all types of floors.
Is SEMPATAP THERMAL good for noise reduction?
Yes, not only does it have outstanding thermal properties but it can be used for sound insulation.

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