UK Mobile Users Waste £5 Billion per year

By:  01/06/2011
Keywords: Business Mobile phones

The 3 main reasons why 76% of mobile subscribers are on the wrong contract wasting an average of £194.71each per year.

1. 52% of Users are on the wrong contract, thats too large for them, using on average just one quarter of their allowance.
TOTAL WASTE = £2.62 Billion

2. 29% of Users are on the wrong contract, thats too small for them, wasting money on out of allowance calls, texts, data usage as well as other costs that could be reduced with a larger tariff.
TOTAL WASTE = £1.53 Billion

3. 19% of Users have the right level of inclusive minutes, but are wasting money by not optimising free benefits, data & text allowance as well as other costs, or taking advantage of lower costa on 24 months contracts.
TOTAL WASTE = £0.74 Billion

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Keywords: Business Mobile phones