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By: M & T Landscaping Services Ltd  14/01/2011
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NPTC Qualified (CS30/CS31) - Chainsaw Maintenance & Cross Cutting / Fell Small Trees

Maurice is very experienced in this line of work and is responsible for all our tree work jobs.  Maurice will visit you personally to discuss what you want to achieve and how we can help you do it.  If you need advice regarding a tree associated problem, Maurice is the man to contact.  Maurice can advise on the safety and legal aspects of the work as well as giving guidance regarding contacting the relevant authorities about TPO (Tree Preservation Orders).  We always undertake work in the utmost professional and safe manner.  Maurice will soon have his next qualification which will be CS38 & CS39 - Climb Trees & Perform Aerial Rescue & Operate a Chainsaw from a Rope & Harness.  Maurice has been qualified as a Line Rescue Supervisor for the last 5 years with West Yorkshire Fire & Rescue.

Crown Thinning - Is the removal of branches to increase light and air throughout the crown of a tree.  This will help to avoid stress from wide spreading heavy branches and maintain the trees natural form and structure and will often include removal of crossing, weak, dead or damaged branches within the crown.
Crown Lifting - Is the removal or pruning of lower branches or parts of branches from the bottom of the tree to a specific height above existing ground level so as to provide increased head clearance beneath the tree.  This will for example provide clearance for vehicles, buildings and pedestrians.
Crown Reduction - Is the pruning method used when the tree has outgrown its surroundings - a reduction of the overall size or circumference of a tree's crown by generally reducing overall length of its branches but without destroying the basic shape of the crown.  This will help to minimize stress and maintain the trees natural form.
Deadwooding - Is the removal of dead, diseased, damaged, dangerous and crossing branches from the tree back to sound wood.
Pruning - Even an apparently healthy tree may benefit from judicious pruning.  Thinning out branches allows the remaining branches more light and will generally leave the tree healthier in the long run.

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