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By: Computer Posture UK  18/11/2010
Keywords: neck pain, Neck Pain Relief, Tennis Elbow

If you imagine, any posture where your muscles are not in a resting position, if held long enough will give you problems.


In business scenarios, you can be on the phone for an hour sometimes and if you're using a PC at the same time, you inevitably wedge the phone between ear and shoulder!


With a headset, you have none of those issues. Whether it is cordless or corded / wireless or wired, any headset is better than none.


Having said that, a wireless headset means that you can get up and walk around if you choose. This is perfect for avoiding RSI as you are more likely to change your posture. I personally use a Plantronics Voyager 510 system as it gives high quality with noise cancellation and flexibility of one Bluetooth Wireless Headset for both my Desk Phone and Mobile Phone.


Wireless Desk Phone adapters are sadly expensive as there is a low perceived demand amongst manufacturers. They either use Bluetooth or DECT and so are mostly compatible with other wireless phone options using these communication protocols.

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