Ergonomic keyboard

Ergonomic keyboard from Computer Posture UK

By: Computer Posture UK  21/11/2010
Keywords: carpal tunnel syndrome, ergonomic keyboard, computer posture

There are a number of ergonomic keyboards available. They all appear to have a mound in the middle of the keyboard with keys falling away towards the bottom corners so that they are in a more natural position for the hands. You will also find that they come with wrist support areas too.


The principle is that your wrists are not bent at 45 ° to your forearms as with most keyboards and this protection of the wrists is cruicial for protecting against and supporting sufferers of carpal tunnel syndrome


They do look rather strange and you will find them difficult to use at first but most people quickly get used to them and find they bring them a benefit.

Keywords: carpal tunnel syndrome, computer posture, ergonomic keyboard,