Dragon NaturallySpeaking

Dragon NaturallySpeaking from Computer Posture UK

By: Computer Posture UK  21/11/2010
Keywords: voice recognition, voice recognition software, Ergonomic Software

Voice Recognition / Speech Recognition software has been around for many years although only recently could it genuinely be said that it saves you time and keyboard intervention.


The best known software, used by many health professionals is Dragon NaturallySpeaking. It is feature rich allowing the user to train the software to better understand your accent and way of speaking. You can teach it shortcuts that it knows means a whole paragraph of text if you want to. When used regularly, it makes typing emails and documents easy.

Dragon NaturallySpeaking comes in a variety of packages, most of which include a noise-cancelling headset, wired or wireless, or a dictation machine.


For ergonomic purposes any noise cancelling headset is good although a wireless headset means that you can get up and walk around as you talk to your computer or listen to your computer talking to you. That is a particular benefit if you are suffering from neck pain or RSI conditions that are exacerbated by sitting in one position for a period of time.


One feature of Dragon NaturallySpeaking which is particularly good is its ability to read emails to you. You can be listening to emails as you do your filing, make a fresh cup of tea or whatever you want to do!

Keywords: dragon naturallyspeaking, Ergonomic Software, voice recognition, voice recognition software