Virtual Balance consultation sessions

By: Virtual Balance  03/01/2010
Keywords: Counselling, personal development, personal coaching

Any therapy or counselling session can be a bit daunting the first time. You may feel nervous or embarrassed to talk about yourself and particularly unwilling to share those thoughts and feelings that you really aren't proud of. A Virtual Balance consultation session is a little easier than face-to-face counselling.
To begin with, you choose the venue. You don't have to come to my consulting room or lay on a couch as we've all seen in films. You may choose a quiet room at home, perhaps your bedroom, where you feel safe and will be undisturbed. For online sessions, you might feel happier at the library or in an internet cafe where no-one is going to question what you are doing or try to read over your shoulder.
Secondly, our relationship is clearly confined to the Virtual Balance work. Unlike your family doctor, I will only know what you choose to tell me and I won't even recognise you in the street! I work under strict confidentiality principles but for even greater security you might want to create a special e-mail address for Virtual Balance that doesn't identify you by name.
Finally, you are always in control.  During a session you can put down the phone or close down the internet connection a lot more readily than walking out of a consulting room. I hope you won't, but ultimately it's up to you. You won't be making a commitment to a long series of consultation sessions. Each Virtual Balance consultation is booked and paid for separately and arranged for your convenience, not mine.
Changing your life and looking honestly at yourself is never going to be easy, but I think you will find a Virtual Balance consultation session less intimidating and more supportive than "the psychiatrist's couch".

Keywords: Counselling, personal coaching, personal development