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Leaflet Printing, Bradford, Keighley, Bingley, Shipley, Skipton, Haworth, Saltaire, Manningham from The Online Print Company (Bradford)

By: The Online Print Company (Bradford)  10/12/2009
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When a flyer just isn’t enough, and a booklet is far too much, leaflets come into their own.
Our range of leaflets allow you to choose from 4 pages or 6 pages – different finished size options – and also different paper stock options.
4 page leaflets are simply folded once, to give you 4 sides for artwork. So, a 4pp leaflet - A3 folding to A4  -  is simply A3 folded once down to A4.
6 page leaflets are ‘roll folded’, to give you 6 sides for artwork. So, a 6pp leaflet – A4 folding to 1/3 A4 -  is when a page of A4 is folded into its middle once from the right hand side, then once from its left hand side (so the folds are folding into each other).
Our leaflet paper stock options here are a 130gsm gloss (shiny paper about the thickness of a tabloid magazine) and a 300gsm gloss;
As standard with all of our products, delivery costs are included in the price. VAT is not applicable for this product.

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