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By: Sun Brand Technologies  29/04/2009
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As discretionary spend decreases, they’ll inevitably be a fight among brand owners to stake their claim on the little that’s left.  
Now, more than ever, they must differentiate themselves from the competition. Manufacturers can achieve this by utilising innovative new technology that improves the efficiency of the design-to-print supply chain, and therefore reduces costs.
Within the industry, retailers are making serious demands on suppliers. Not only are they driving businesses down on a range of issues, including cost, they are also demanding a constant flow of both product and packaging innovation to capture attention and retail custom.
Packaging forms a product’s image in the eyes of the consumer, it constitutes that all important first impression of a brand. Attracting consumers to buy before they taste is the one fundamental factor for success, and always will be.
As such, packaging is the vital part of the product’s appeal, meaning that brand owners can’t afford to cut down on materials or design in an attempt to reduce costs. Therefore, manufacturers are looking to other elements of the process to improve efficiency and cut costs in the current economic slowdown.
Recognising a gap in the market for a solution that streamlines the brand development process, Odin was born. This advanced-technology software solution creates an environment to aid free-flowing communication, minimise errors and eliminate duplication of work – resulting in an effective design-to-print process.
With four functional modules to suit customers’ requirements, Odin is a flexible system that easy to use and fits into the company’s established workflow model. Odin On Time, Sprint, Assets and Brand Toolbox can all operate as separate entities or work together to create a world-class management system.  
Significant Economies  
Working closely with Somerfield, Odin is helping to maintain and optimise the retailers own-label range by maximising the efficiency of its speed to market, to provide significant cost savings. Somerfields goal is ‘right first time’ and the visibility provided by Odin allows the company to identify and rectify issues in the packaging supply chain to reduce costs.
Previously, Somerfield circulated a paper artwork proof that was marked with written amends. The approval process took an incredible amount of time as proofs went round in circles; by the time changes came back from the agencies on the first version, the third version was being created.
Odin provides Somerfield with control over the approvals process: changes are made on line, in real time, and all comments are recorded. By linking together all parties in the supply chain – including 418 suppliers, 358 printers and 167 Somerfield employees- Odin allows multiple agencies to work on all aspects of the design, print and packaging process simultaneously.
By using Odin, Somerfield is striving to achieve ‘right first time’ graphics, streamlining the process and providing significant cost savings.
Over 30 per cent time savings have occurred in the design to print process since Odin;s introduction. Delivering almost 2,000 lines of more than 200 high quality blends to over 100 countries around the world is a gigantic task for expert tea brand Twinings. In addition, blends are constantly updated to meet the current consumer tastes. However the brand can now turn artwork around in a mere 28 days; and the number of artwork changes it can now handle has risen 50 per cent every year using Odin, with no increase in the number of employees.
The Associated British Food Group challenged Twinings to update the brand from its classical and traditional image to a modern category leader. This meant that several hundred pieces of artwork were amended every month, over a two year period. Twinings need to improve the design-to-print process, and Odin hasn’t only allowed the company to drive cost down but also to improve productivity – a double financial benefit in the current economic climate.  
Odin draws praise  
Compliments Tim Sturt, Packaging Development Manager at Twinings. “ Odin is a well-presented, functional, easy to use and professional system. The supplier demonstrated how it could help increase the volume of packaging that we were producing and deliver products to market dramatically quicker”.
 In these uncertain times, it’s more important than ever to get things right. Even in tough periods, consumers expect the quality of packaging and product to match. The outward appearance of packaging is crucial, and has undergone extensive research development, and financial investment to achieve the success for which it’s known today.
Packaging is increasingly being developed as a complete solution – construction, material selection and graphics – and its here that the future of packaging lies. With systems like Odin, organisations can streamline the design-to-print process- driving down costs and helping to boost profits by ensuring products are up-to-date and on shelf.  

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