Burglars New Trick!

Burglars New Trick! from Homes Secured LTD

By: Homes Secured LTD  02/05/2011

You may have seen recent reports on television news or in the newspapers of a weakness in the locks on PVCu doors. The weakness is currently being exploited by burglars in some areas of the UK, notably the West Yorkshire Police area. (I’m sure you will have seen recent leaflets delivered by the police).

Millions of homes across Britain are at risk because of a design weakness in the old type UPVC Locks; this new design has overcome that security weakness.

The ‘weak spot’ in modern doors has been isolated as the lock cylinder. The lock in question is not of any particular make, but is the type of lock fitted to the majority of UPVC, PVCu and some wooden doors throughout the world, it is commonly known as a Euro Profile Cylinder. It is the part, which provides the key operation to the multi-point locking mechanism fitted to the door. No matter how secure or elaborate the multi-point locking mechanism is, if the cylinder is compromised the multi-point lock can be opened in seconds without difficulty.

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