Gary is great at what he does!

Gary is great at what he does! from Gary Blonder - Hypnotherapist

By: Gary Blonder - Hypnotherapist  07/07/2011
Keywords: Counselling, therapy, stress

 Before meeting Gary I had never been hypnotized, nor did I know anyone who had. As such, I was a little sceptical. Gary’s professional yet approachable manner made me feel at ease right away. The experience of being hypnotized surpassed all my expectations - it was one of being in an incredibly relaxed state. There was nothing scary or wacky about it – I just felt totally relaxed and safe. Throughout all the sessions I have had, Gary listened to what I had to say and was quick to pin-point the root cause of my problems. He gave some sound advice and hypnotized me into deep, relaxing trances. As well as setting homework, he sent me emails which summarised what we’d discussed which were really useful for reference. He has taught me how to meditate at home to help calm my mind and I have now got into a daily routine of meditation everyday. I have been diligent with this and along with the hypnosis it has had positive results – those close to me have noted that I’m much calmer and have a more cheerful persona. Having this meditation tool at my disposal has been invaluable in the run up to my wedding – I’ve been able to clear my mind and remain calm in what would otherwise have been a very stressful time. I have been impressed with Gary’s service and I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending him to friends, family and colleagues. Susan Parsons, Manager

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