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By: Compare Switch and Save  28/10/2010
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At We Compare and U Save we believe that everyone should be able to save money on there Car Insurance, but to save money you need to ring lots of insurance companies and visit there websites to get a quote which takes time a lot of time! We will save you time and money!

Using the Online Car Insurance Quote System we compare over 90 Leading UK Insurance Companies and Brokers in Real-time!
Quick Online Quotes for Younger Drivers, Older Drivers Over 50's, Just Passed Your Test, Specialist Insurance, Modified Car Insurance, High Performance, Classic Car, 4x4 and Imported Cars.

Get a quick online car insurance quote that is affordable and gives you the right cover.
98% of customers save money average £218 when using the quote system!

It's Free, you can retrieve your details and quotes at a later date at any time so you don't have to do it all at once.
You are under NO Obligation to purchase any insurance policy that you see, if you wish to buy online you are directed to the insurance companies website to complete the transaction.

Acquiring a suitable car insurance quote is one of the key concerns of anyone who considers their car to be their pride and joy.
Today, there are hundreds of cheap car insurance companies competing with each other and offering competitive cheap car insurance quotes. However, the catch is that all that glitters is not gold.
Hence, before striking a deal with an insurance company you need to spend some time in shopping around to compare car insurance quotes so you have a good car insurance comparison to work from. A thorough spadework by gathering and collating the quotes offered by various insurance companies is a first step towards gaining your car insurance deal.
Comparing car insurance quotes online is an easier task than going out in the field by visiting many a car insurance broker. It helps you in saving on time and is relatively a hassle free process.
While comparing car insurance offers you need to keep in mind that a rate calculator is used to calculate a standard quote. The rate calculator helps you in providing probable rates. You also need to keep in mind that car insurance rating can be influenced by many factors like your place of residence, the make and model of your car, history of claims, age and how you are using your car. It is advisable that you should also consult your family and friends. Their experience could provide a big help to you.

You can also seek the help of professional experts who through their expertise would suggest the best deal to you.
At the same time it is very important to strike a deal with the credible insurance company. 'Cheap quotes' should not be the only criteria for the deal. Other factors like the 'market value' i.e. the 'brand name' of the company should also be well considered. Checking out the market rating of a financial company can provide you with the good idea on whether you are heading in the right direction or not.

Keywords: Compare Insurance