Feature Radiators celebrates excellent customer service

Feature Radiators celebrates excellent customer service from Feature Radiators

By: Feature Radiators  12/10/2011
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Last week (3rd – 7th October), Feature Radiators celebrated National Customer Service week, which coincided with the company receiving the ISO 9001 accreditation, the internationally recognised quality standard for supplying goods and services.  

Each year, the Institute of Customer Service organises National Customer Service Week to encourage companies to focus on quality and the importance of fulfilling customers’ needs in respect of the service provided.   

Feature Radiators is a prime example of an organisation that prides itself on providing a high level of customer service.  They monitor this by customer feedback.  Whether positive or negative, Feature Radiators believes all feedback is valuable, as it gives them the opportunity to build upon what they do well, and to improve upon what could be better.   A couple of examples of recent feedback received by the team at Feature Radiators are set out below.  

“The guy doing the work said that whoever he spoke to at Feature Rads [Radiators] had been very helpful about how to join the radiator that was in several parts, so thanks again. I can’t fault the service you’ve provided and would have no hesitation in recommending you to anyone.” Andrew  

“I thank you for your kind offer to still help me and I realise that you are in no way obliged to make such an offer.  Many thanks once again. Whenever I have occasion to contact your company I am always impressed by the bright and friendly attitude and you seem genuinely interested in helping your customers both new and existing.” John

Feature Radiators’ excellent reputation is also reflected by the wealth of celebrity customers that they supply radiators to, many of which have themselves provided constructive comments:  

“I located the rather amazing Feature Radiators who are making me a "landscape" towel rail in a sprayed coloured finish at the excellent price of £300”  

Naomi Cleaver, celebrity interior designer, product designer and TV presenter. http://naomicleaver.typepad.com/naomis-new-home/  

“Helena - thank you SO much for all your help. Very unEnglish, and very much appreciated.”   Ruth Watson, Presenter of Channel 4’s Country House Rescue, Owner of the Crown and Castle Hotel, Suffolk and best known as the original Hotel Inspector.  

Feature Radiators are also not afraid to publish feedback from customers whose orders did not run as smoothly as they would have liked and this approach reflects the transparent nature of their organisation.  They aim for perfection from initial enquiry, through to delivery and beyond, but at the same time are realistic enough to acknowledge that at the end of the day we are only human, and issues will arise from time to time. They know that its how any problems and issues are dealt with that set them aside as a company.  Feature Radiators are keen to listen to their customers, give useful advice and solutions, and above all, they act decisively, promptly and effectively.  The company realises that dealing with a problem in a manner that matches or exceeds customers’ expectations is vital.  

“Thank you very much for your swift reply. It is very refreshing to see a company taking responsibility for their products and dealing with product-related problems so professionally.”  Ralf  

As well as their positive approach to receiving customer comments, Feature Radiators were also keen to be recognised independently by an official body and expert in quality.  This has led to them being awarded the ISO 9001 accreditation by the United Kingdom Accreditation Service that recognises that Feature Radiators has achieved the standard required to provide their customers’ with confidence in the quality of their products and the provision of their services.  Feature Radiators now has official permission to use the UKAS and ISO 9001 logos, which are recognised internationally and illustrate that a company has the procedures and policies in place to offer a quality service to all its customers.   

For a radiator specialist with an officially accredited quality system and excellent reputation, then visit Feature Radiators at their showroom in Bingley Railway Station, West Yorkshire, contact them on 01274 567789 or view their website http://www.featureradiators.co.uk    

Keywords: customer service, Radiator Specialist, radiators

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