By: CMIS-UK  13/09/2010
Keywords: event planning, customer relationship management, SQL Database


..CMIS-UK are proud to announce Rubi (Runtime Business Information)
CMIS-UK presents a new and bespoke way for you and your organisation to store your vital company information and data. Available for your use at any time Rubi is ideally suited for all your business needs.
Contact us now for a consultation and see how CMIS and Rubi can help you maintain your membership base better than ever.

  • Improve staff performance
  • Increase your membership retention
  • Generate more sales income & leads
  • Manage your Contacts, Events and Bookings
  • Latest Microsoft Silverlight technology
  • Report & Query Writing for specific data needs
  • Sales Analysis and Charting
  • Personalised Correspondence for your Contacts
  • Renewal & Retention Management
  • Accounting interactivity for speedier invoicing and payments
  • Secure Data Storage
  • Staff Messaging & Alerts
  • Auditable Database History
  • Administration Areas to manage your own data
Latest Microsoft .NET Technologies
Using the latest Microsoft Silverlight technology - access to your organisations data is quick, easy and simple. Rubi is designed for many organisations looking for a reliable framework for managing their contacts. Your Rubi system provides invaluable methods for maintaining your customer information, recording interactions and managing relationships. Whether you need to contact a business or individual using personalised correspondence, create a report to send out bulk mailshots, Rubi contains all the functionality you need.

Additionally, as the software is bespoke, we're constantly adding new functionality and features to improve your experience and make your data access more efficient.

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