Eye Movement Desensitisatio

By: urlife  06/03/2013
Keywords: Counselling, stress, hypnotherapy

Traumas and fears can stay locked in the brain, like an emotional scar. This particular technique can re-programme your neurological pathways by allowing the trauma to be ‘flushed out’ of your system.

Keywords: addictions, anxiety, bullying, chronic pain, Counselling, Exam Nerves, Fears, hypnosis, hypnotherapy, Panic, Panic Attacks, Phobias, Ptsd, stress, test nerves, Weight Issues

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The Tapping Technique or EFT

EFT is used with amazing success, throughout the world, with people who have been through disasters or other traumas. For example, it has been used for victims of the 9/11 tragedy to bring them out of shock or with people suffering from PTSD due to war memories or train crashes etc



Hypnosis allows communication with the Unconscious Mind. The conscious is what is in our awareness at this precise moment... Which is surprisingly very little! We can only be aware of about 7 (+ - 2) things at once or we would become inundated with too many stimuli! Everything else belongs to the unconscious mind. The unconscious, or subconscious mind, is the storehouse of our memories. It is concerned with everything we do automatically (from changing gear while driving, tying a shoe la