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This is a 30g (Large) screw top jar complete with shaker holds 10g of mineral powder foundation. Colours available are a fine mix of highly pigmented pure minerals in a selection of shades. We have selected the most popular skin tones and offer the FREE mixer to get your perfect match! This will also enable you to change your tone with the season! Claire- A natural all-rounder, natural shade for a lighter skin tone shows some slight peach and light bronze with the highly pigmented undertones. Works well to tone down unwanted ruddiness. Tan - A slightly darker tone for the slightly darker complexion with tones or red and bronze. A lovely darker or summer complexion. Crystal Clear Minerals is excited to offer our mineral foundations that are 100% vegan and pure natural minerals! Our loose Pure Mineral Foundation uses a simple formula that offers amazing coverage, a sheer, natural look, and incredible staying powder. A clean, non-allergenic ingredient helps soothe inflamed rosacea or oily skin, provides a minimum of SPF 15, does not support the growth of bacteria and even has oil control and anti-aging properties! Helps calm inflammations with its anti-inflammatory properties, calm irritations and provide great coverage, it’s the most hypoallergenic cosmetic on the market and feels utterly weightless! Apply dry with a good flat-top foundation brush for a light day cover or apply heavier for more coverage when needed. Use a makeup sponge to apply wet as a concealer to problem area’s or mixed with your favourite moisturiser or anti-wrinkle cream for a wet foundation. Mineral foundations can also be mixed together to change the tone throughout the seasons, your face does not stay the same tone through the year so why would your foundation! Small mixer pouches available FREE with your foundation to create the perfect colour! Just specify if you would like a darker or lighter shade and mix to your liking at home. We know how difficult it is to find the perfect match! Don't forget to keep your pots for the refill service! Don't forget to compare our ingredients with leading competitors. Our high quality products start at a fraction of the price from just £1.80 per gram compared to some competitors charging £2.90 per gram! We don’t ever compromise on quality

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