Healthy Options

By: Healthy Options  27/02/2009

If like me you are fed up of pill popping, lotions and portions that do not work, give our new patches a try.
We have patches to address all our problems: lack of sleep, over weight, lack of energy, back aches and other aches and pain, allergies and ageing. These patches are non-transdermal, nothing enters the body, no drugs or chemicals.

Icewave:  imagine getting rapid pain relief and having a drug free life - no need to imagine, it can be yours today

Energy Enhancer: if you lack energy, an athlete in training, muscle builder, weight lifter, footballer this will give you the edge without taking drugs

Silent Night : get a good nights sleep and wake up refreshed the next morning, stops snoring

Y Age : very powerful antioxidant help detoxify the body, heals the body inside out, reduces scarring and sun damage, smooths fine lines

SP6 : help shed the extra pounds, curbs appetite and sugar cravings

Bring along anyone you know who is suffering from acute or chronic long-term pain, and witnesss the amazing results, when they are offered the opportunity to be free of their pain, using our unique technology.
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