Esca Lures - Light up Sea Fishing Lures

Esca Lures - Light up Sea Fishing Lures from Escalure Fishing Tackle

By: Escalure Fishing Tackle  17/07/2011
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Anglers from around the world have been setting personal records and winning competitions with Esca technology. Esca technology can be used together with all lures and tackle to improve the performance of an angler's favourite fishing equipment. Esca technology Attracts fish, Triggers hunting and biting instincts, Mimics the ocean’s natural lure lights, Makes your favourite lure better & Uses no battery. Product features Esca technology generates its own energy Uses no batteries – environmentally-friendly and safe Activates on contact with salt water and deactivates when out of water Has a lifetime of more than 100 hours of active fishing (the number of hours the product is in the water) Weight: 8 grams (without the hook) Size: 4.5 cm long, 1.6 cm wide, 1 cm thick Portions of the unit are gold-plated Extremely robust and high quality Tolerates depths of more than 600 meters Customers can choose from four different Esca technology attractors. Esca technology is inspired by nature's living lights and expertly integrated into small units that are used as add-ons to any lures. In saltwater, the Esca units mimic the wavelength, intensity and frequency of light emanating from different types of fish and plankton. In environments where visibility can pose a challenge, a synergetic effect is achieved when combining Esca and nearly all types of fishing lures or tackle. In addition to acting as an attractor and bite stimulator, Esca improves visibility of the lure and tackle – thereby improving the fisherman's odds. Esca Technology also creates an electrical field around the units that triggers hunting and biting instincts in fish. This electrical field surrounds all living organisms, including marine species. When fish sense the electrical field around Esca products, they bite –and bite harder! Esca lights and lights are optimized to emit very specific wavelengths that mimic the predominant lure lights used by marine organisms. Esca light attractors are generally recommended for clearer waters and deeper waters because it is the wavelength that penetrates deepest and furthest. Esca light attractors are generally recommended for murkier waters and shallower waters containing more particles and algae. Try different colours and frequencies to see what works best in various waters and conditions.

Keywords: Lures

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