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non-geographical numbers are telephone numbers from OP Designer Telecoms

By: OP Designer Telecoms  26/09/2010
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In the United Kingdom, non-geographical numbers are telephone numbers available for private sale which, rather than being assigned to a particular telephone line or circuit, provide callers with a contact number giving no indication as to the geographical location of the line being called.
The owner of the number can retarget the NGN to any other telephone number, including mobile, international or even other NGNs enabling them to take their calls on the move or at various locations.

The benefits of taking an NGN Number:
A Memorable Number - The fact is that the easier your phone number is to remember then the more likely it is that your  potential customers will call. Probably the best business investment you will make.
A National Presence - If you are advertising to a nationwide audience, you need a nationwide phone number. Don’t shackle your business to a particular geographical location. Think big!!!
An Effective Marketing Tool - This is a great way to measure the response to particular adverts. We can provide daily call records for you to keep track of all your campaigns, large or small.
Relocation - No hassle when you move premises. Take your number with you. No need to re-write websites, stationary or business cards.
Free Fax to Email - Have your faxes sent directly to your email; saving on ink and stationary and reducing your carbon footprint.
Revenue Share - Companies receiving high volumes of incoming calls can be eligible to receive a rebate of up to 7p per minute, which in turn could offset the costs of your outgoing calls.
Call Management Package – All of our numbers come with a free call management package. These can be tailored to your business.

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