Eco Friendly Kitchen Cleaner and Sanitiser

Eco Friendly Kitchen Cleaner and Sanitiser from Earth Friendlier

By: Earth Friendlier  09/08/2009
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12x 750ml Kitchen Cleaner Sanitiser

Proven in independent test to be effective against:
E-Coli, P. Aeruginosa, S. Aureus, Enterococcus Faecalis, Bacillus Cerreus, Clostidum Perringens, Aspergillus Niger, H5N1 and HIV, Listeria.)

This unique cleaner is approved for use in food related areas and is recommended by local authorities for use in schools and hospitals.
Environmentally friendly and biodegradable citric acid based cleaner is specifically formulated to give an effective anti-microbial action against both gram negative and gram positive organisms.
This astonishing natural cleaner / sanitiser starts to work on 99.98% of bacteria within 30 seconds!

Keywords: earth friendllier