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By: Simmans Consulting  25/02/2009
Keywords: business software, email organisation

Outlook Smart Filer is a product that has been developped to address the critical issue of ensuring that emails are correctly filed. 

Emails often contain critical contractual and other information which needs to be safely filed for reference and also in case there is a dispute.

Often people leave these emails in their "Sent Items" / "Inbox" or (if they remember and have time) save them into folders inside Outlook.

However this can cause technical issues if your Outlook mailbox becomes too large and also you have to create a folder structure in Outlook which replicates the folder structure you are already using for your other documents.

The "natural" place to save these emails is with all your other documents (Word, Excel, etc) using the Windows folders and sub folders you will already have set up on your disk drives to hold these documents in a structured way.

Outlook does provide some facilities to save emails into these folders but people who have tried to use this rapidly find their are many shortcomings.

Outlook Smart filer overcomes these shortcomings - make it quick and easy to save outgoing or incoming emails into your existing Windows folders. In particular the facility to automatically save an outgoing email and how Outlook Smart Filer remembers folders you have saved in before makes it quick and easy to save emails as you send / receive them.

As the emails are saved onto your normal Windows folders, others in the team can refer to emails you have saved - removing the need for everyone to keep their own copies of emails.

By using Outlook Smart filer you have a separate permanent record of key emails that can be accessed by everyone on the team.
For more information see www.outlooksmartfiler.com

Keywords: business software, email organisation

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