Simon on the Sofa speaking transparently with Lynsey Beswick.

Simon on the Sofa speaking transparently with Lynsey Beswick. from Magical Metamorphosis

By: Magical Metamorphosis   13/02/2011
Keywords: healing, alternative medicine, distant healing

Hello and welcome to this lovely talk with the wonderful Lynsey Beswick. Lynsey and I cover a whole array of topics through this conversation. From life, love, death, cancer, rape in the Congo to mass healing and other stuff inbetween! I am sure you will find it most interesting.

Another real person I have attracted along this path of exploration and one who is serving the evolving consciousness in everything she does. Like us all Lynsey has been on an adventure through life with many ups and downs. Having worked for many years being in service to others, its no wonder she has dedicated her life to supporting people as they explore their own unfolding on this magical planet.

I was introduced to Lynsey by Tiffany Crosara who you may have seen on the Sofa already. On meeting her I instantly warmed to her calm serene voice and I could feel her sincerity from our first engagement.

Enter this link for this insightful video interview:

Keywords: alternative medicine, distant healing, healing, Theta Healing