Dispelling the Disease of Anger - Online Series

Dispelling the Disease of Anger - Online Series from Magical Metamorphosis

By: Magical Metamorphosis   04/08/2016
Keywords: stress, anger management, Relationship Problems

Frustration & anger can impact every aspect of our lives. ​ It does not necessarily only reside in those who are outwardly aggressive or hostile. It often takes on it's most dangerous form when it is not being expressed, not acknowledged and sits quietly in your body and being. ​ Long ago, suppressed upsets and hurts can still be playing a part in your life and in the chemistry of your body today. Unresolved anger & frustration can: ​ Keep you stuck in a rut ​ Sap you of your energy & vitality ​ Create cycles of repetitive scenarios of limitation ​ Create contraction/disease in your energetic & physical body ​ Hinder your ability to receive; money joy relationships contribution of any kind awarenesses / intuitive insights​ Thoroughly dispelling anger & frustration can: ​ Bring more energy & vitality to your body & being ​ Remove obstacles to you creating your life ​ Soften you and allow a whole new level of receiving ​ Increase your awareness / intuition ​ Gift you extraordinary insights & realisations ​ Bring you to a space of feeling at peace with yourself, your body & the world around you

Keywords: anger management, Emotional Healing, Relationship Problems, Remote Healing, stress

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