PropSava Single Phase Power Optimisation System

PropSava Single Phase Power Optimisation System from Vanguards Power (UK) Limited,

By: Vanguards Power (UK) Limited,  17/11/2010
Keywords: carbon management, Energy Monitoring, Carbon Tax Reduction

The PropSava Single Phase SCR System is an automated hybrid voltage regulator and stabiliser; which uses solid state switching, transformers, sensors and control systems; managed by a state-of-the-art digital computer system.

The PropSava is connected after the electric meter and site Master Breaker Switch and before the Distribution/Fuse Box. All power to the site/building passes through the PropSava.

The User can change the output voltage to meet the needs of any site or building.

Purpose and Use:
The purpose of the PropSava is to automatically control incoming mains over or under-voltage to any site or building; and maintain the User output voltage settings.

PropSava Power Optimisation Systems are used in virtually all forms of industry and commerce - anywhere that needs to save power, costs and protect equipment from premature failure.

Whatever value of main over or under-voltage entering the site/building, the PropSava computer-controlled system will always tightly control the output voltage setting to +/- 1.5 % of the User setting. The computer system measures, samples and regulates all incoming voltage every fifty milliseconds. It is this powerful and rapid regulation of voltage, coupled with high quality components and build that delivers significant power and cost savings to our over-voltage and overcharged customers.

Where sites/buildings experience main voltage delivery over 220V, the electrical equipment is over-powered. Power is wasted and equipment suffers premature failure and reduced life expectancy.
“A 230V linear appliance used on a 240V supply will take 4.3% more current and will consume almost 9% more energy.” (Electricians Guide 16th Edition BS7671).

Sites/buildings that use the PropSava will benefit from reduced:

• Electricity cost;
• Lighting and fixtures downtime, saving production and maintenance costs;
• Premature loss of lighting and fixtures, saving early replacement costs;
• CO2 emissions and carbon footprint; consuming less power means less power has to be generated and therefore less CO2 emitted;
• Carbon Taxes on less energy consumed.

PropSava Unique Features - Customisable and Future Proof:
The PropSava Power Optimisation system allows the User to customise system settings to match the needs of the site for now and the future:

1. Set the output voltage value between 195V to 230V
2. Maximum over-voltage limit.
3. Maximum under–voltage limit.
4. Maximum power output limit.

Save Power - Save Costs In:
• Government,• Hospitals,• Car Parks,• Swimming Pools,• Universities, Gymnasiums,• Warehouses,
• Apartments, • Offices,• Retail Stores,• Factories,• Schools,• Nursing Homes,• Railway Stations,  • Petrol Stations,• Local Government.

Safety Systems:
• Automated and Manual By-Pass Systems,
• Computer controlled safety monitoring of all power levels,
• Solid state system reduces mechanical failure and wear,
• Surge Protection eliminates damage to system and site equipment (optional extra),
• Software system logs all power quality readings which can be used to predict equipment failure.

Keywords: carbon management, Carbon Tax Reduction, Energy Monitoring, Power Quality Logging Meters, Voltage Regulators and Stabilisers,

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