PropSava 3 Phase SCR Power Optimisation System

PropSava 3 Phase SCR Power Optimisation System from Vanguards Power (UK) Limited,

By: Vanguards Power (UK) Limited,  17/11/2010
Keywords: carbon management, Energy Monitoring, Power Savers

The PropSava 3 Phase (360V to 450V) SCR System is an automated hybrid voltage regulator and stabiliser; which uses solid state switching, transformers, sensors and control systems; managed by a state-of-the-art digital computer system. The PropSava is connected after the electric meter and site Master Breaker Switch and before the Distribution/Fuse Box. All power to the site/building passes through the PropSava.

Purpose and Use:
The purpose of the PropSava is to automatically control incoming mains over or under-voltage to any site or building; and maintain the design output voltage settings.

Where sites/buildings experience main voltage delivery over 220V, the electrical equipment is over-powered. Power is wasted and equipment suffers premature failure and reduced life expectancy.“A 230V linear appliance used on a 240V supply will take 4.3% more current and will consume almost 9% more energy.” (Electricians Guide16th Edition BS7671)

Why Does Over-Voltage Occur?
Over and under voltage is generally a chronic problem aggravated by a number of factors beyond the end user's control. Electric utilities try to maintain voltage levels delivered to customers at ±5% the agreed output. However, factors like weather, high demand and others can cause the utility voltage to fall within a ±10% range. Even under ideal conditions, most customers will see a drop in utility voltage levels over the course of the day as demand begins to increase around 8 AM and peaks around 3 or 4 PM. Distribution system characteristics can also contribute to chronically low voltage situations. For example, customers at the end of a long distribution line may be subject to a permanent voltage drop due to line losses on top of the utility voltage variations.

Benefits of the PropSava 3 Phase Power Optimisation System:
1. Delivers the highest value of energy and CO2 savings of any power optimisation system on the market – computer controlled system and maintains a constant regulated output voltage.
2. Automated intelligent safety By-Pass systems - to protect your Visitors, staff site equipment & your PropSava investment.
3. Reduces electricity costs and carbon emissions by up to 17%, (dependent on incoming voltage and equipment condition).
4. Increases the lifecycle of the electrical equipment and reduces maintenance costs.
5. Automatically reduces or increases the incoming mains voltage to maintain a stabilized optimum output voltage.
6. Rapid return-on-investment (ROI) - with savings on electricity costs; reduced maintenance and premature replacement of electrical equipment.
7. Voltage Surge and Spike protection - fitted as standard to all models.
8. 10 year warranty.
9. 20 to 40 year life cycle.
10. No maintenance on Contactless SCR systems - recommend control board change every 10 years & recalibration.
11. Maximum possible efficiency at full load - greater than 98%.
12. High standard & safety range of industrial grade components.
13. Independently tested and certified to European and International safety standards - CE and IEC.
14. Flexibility of siting - can be used virtually anywhere. Withstands severe temperature, high humidity, vibration and extreme environments. Can be sited outside of building if covered with IP55 type shelter.
15. Ultimate transformer efficiency with trouble-free life – high grade enamelled copper wire.
16. No interference to other electrical and electronic devices or equipment - low output and RFI radiated noise.
17. Proven reliability - history of 15 years of manufacturing voltage regulators and stabilisers

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