Improve Website Traffic By Blogging. Free Tip By Mats Websites

Improve Website Traffic By Blogging. Free Tip By Mats Websites from Mats Websites

By: Mats Websites  03/12/2010
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Good word content on a regular basic with a word count of about 1500 word's, the search engines like new information so i would suggest that you take the time to write something that has come from you and not copying and pasting from other artical's. Dont be afraid that you are not upto wording the content in to much of a proffetional manner, Remember its normal people that will be reading. A couple of spelling mistake's here and there also prove to the seach engines that your word press blogging content is from you and not a spamming protocal.
Word Press Blog's with about 1500 word should have about 10 - 15 linked keywords pointing to a selection of different websites with some substance. Adding links to small low traffic websites tend to be a waste of time. Not to worry, I can put you on the write path. Im not gonna post all my secrets on here, but I am always willing to give out very helpful tips to any of my clients, this will ensure good viewing for your visitors and good substance for the search engines.
Images are an important component to a good blog post. Images on your word press blog give a reader a first hint of what the article is about and they can set the tone. Using a visual can break up the text in your blog posts, otherwise they may feel too long winded and they justget bored and never come back. Add as many images to your word press blog as you can. Pictures speak a thousand word's.
Take your time and think about what your going to post in your blog. Keep it to the on your subject. If your blogging about car sale dont start blogging about other subjects, such as horse riding. People are coming to your blog for a reason and its not for general chit chat. You obviously got them there some how so lets keep em coming back. Giving out a few trade secrets here and there i find works wonders. Be honest and they will be loyal. You will get all sorts of people commenting on your posted blog, some will be just trying to get you to link to places of no interest to your subject. Dont worry about those. Just pay attention to the nice ones like "fantastic advise, keep em coming and I shall be coming back for more great tip's." Get some of those and you know your on the right track. Other visitors love seeing other people nice comment's makes them feel part of a crowd. I have added a link below to one of my other business's word press blog's so you can see what I mean...

I hope this have been good reading for you.. If you would like me to explain more or you think i can help you just give me a call...
Kind Regard
Matthew Hanslow ( Mats Websites)

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