Adding Flash Video To Your Website By Mats Websites

Adding Flash Video To Your Website By Mats Websites from Mats Websites

By: Mats Websites  03/12/2010
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In advertising the most powerful tool used are images. It maybe the use of logo's, pictures and motion picture (video, tv ad's). You'll already know that anyway because we all are subjected to advertising via images every day and half the time we dont even notice it..
I can take any image and add layers showing ad's and messages over your images. I can turn your photos into a nice motion slide video with drop over text which also has a great impact on people. I say "If i can watch it instead of reading it I'll do that."
A good video can make such a massive difference for you or your business. When I make video's from adding images together, I try to only use images with a big impact as it only takes a second to loose interest. If someone likes a video and finds it interesting or usefull they will come back to it and chances are they will show it to others. Social networks seem to play a large part in video despencing these day's. When Im required to upload your video's to video sharing networks I will activate a new email account if i hav'nt done already. A user name and new password will be emailed to you for both account so you can use the video networking facilaties. You will have total control over managing your videos. You will be able to trace how many times your videos have been viewed and where they were viewed. There is loads of fun you can have...

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