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By: Gatwick Diamond Investigations, Crawley  10/11/2009
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All our tracing procedures are legal and fully DPA / OFT compliant and, whilst claims of incredibly high success rates might look good in marketing material and impress clients in the short term, our philosophy is that high quality ethical tracing will serve both us and our clients far better in the long term.

We do not provide speculative, database generated addresses as positive traces on the off chance that a certain percentage will be correct or that you simply won't be able to prove us wrong and then hide behind an intricate recheck policy which involves you risking a further trace fee being incurred to query our findings.

Our traces will all be confirmed from as many different sources as we can muster (preferably a minimum of three including either direct contact or carefully targeted local enquiries), and if we can't be confident about an address we will advise you accordingly so you can make an informed decision on which steps to take next and whether to incur further costs.

We will help you to judge each case on its merits and assess viability at every stage.

In the main, we are instructed to trace debtors, missing persons, will beneficiaries, and witnesses to accidents but of course we are happy to take on a wide variety of other instructions and, through a comprehensive network of international agents, we can trace worldwide and pursue your instructions in every jurisdiction.

Keywords: Enquiries, investigations, Investigator, legal services, missing persons, tracing, Witness

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