Hopi Ear Candling

Hopi Ear Candling from Arevolution Wellbeing Centre

By: Arevolution Wellbeing Centre  07/11/2009
Keywords: healing, THERAPIST, Complementary Therapy

A holistic therapy which involves inserting what are known as “Hopi Candles” into the outer ear canal. This “Candle” is then lit at the opposite end and is allowed to burn down, this is followed by lymphatic      drainage , on acupressure points which    incorporates  a facial massage    Brief Background Hopi means “Peaceful people”  or “People of peace”. The Hopi’s were the first settled Pueblo Indians of North America. For many centuries they lived in peace with earth and nature,  understanding and abiding by the universal laws. The Hopi people are   extensively known for there healing and spiritual lifestyle. 

They are excellent for the treatment of many ear, nose and throat problems. The following conditions are often treated very effectively: · Sinusitis · Hay fever · Rhinitis · Headaches · Migraines · Tinnitus · Menieres Disease · Glue ear · Excess ear wax · Ear Eczema · Deafness · Snoring · Stress  

Keywords: Complementary Therapy, healing, THERAPIST

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