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By: JD Bass Lessons  13/01/2011
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JD Bass Guitar Lessons offer proffesional, specialist, Bass Guitar lessons covering most genres, including Jazz, Funk, Rock, Pop, Soul, R&B, and also solo bass repertoire. I teach all aspects of bass guitar playing, including Improvisation, and can teach technique to a very developed level. Teaching bass guitar separately from electric guitar is important, as a bassist needs to do be good at different things to a guitarist, and there are a lot of techniques and stylistic considerations that are specific to the bass guitar.

I have an MA in Music (Performance), which I passed with Distinction from the University of Chichester, and also a BA (hons) in Music from Chichester University. Academic qualifications aren't everything though, and I would place more emphasis on the fact that I have been gigging pretty much since I picked up the instrument at 13, and have been teaching for a few years now too, Including at The University of Chichester.

The bass guitar is such an under-rated instrument. The physical aspects of the bass (thick strings, distance between the strings, Low frequencies etc.), mean that we can actually achieve so much more than just providing a root note. The bass is both melodic and percussive, and not many other instruments can combine these elements of music to the same extent as the bass. I have put some videos in the 'Video' bit to some of my playing, and to show you the sorts of things that I can teach when it comes to solo bass guitar repertoire - so check them out if you want to know more!

I offer bass guitar lessons in Chichester, Ascot, and in surrounding areas.

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