Ballroom Dance Specialist. Dance Club 2000, In Chichester And Selsey, West Sussex.

By: Dance Club 2000  07/11/2009
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Join the Ballroom dance revival and you will discover a new social activity which
will keep you young, fit and healthy.  Modern ballroom dancing is a great hobby
that couples or friends can do together and is an inexpensive and rewarding way
to spend your leisure time.  It can be started at a young age and still be enjoyed
into retirement.

The comprehensive teaching courses are run by Angela Horton, director of
Dance Club 2000, in Chichester, West Sussex.  Angela was taught by her late
father Howard Davies, from the age of five years old, and completed all of her
International Dance Teachers Association medal test examinations by the age
of 12. Angela was also a member of the gold medal winning Slough Latin
American formation team, who was trained by Ken Bateman and Blanche Ingle,
in 1969, and also a finalist at The Tower Ballroom, Blackpool.

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