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By: VEGA Controls Ltd  15/09/2009
Keywords: level measurement, level sensors, tank gauging

 VEGA are the world’s No.1process radar level transmitter manufacturer with over 10 years experience. We introduced the first low cost, two- wire loop powered radar gauge to the market in 1997, VEGA are now established leaders in this field. VEGA employ the latest generation VEGAPULS systems, making non-contact microwave radar technology as a level measurement technique, easy to use and understand, offering a real alternative to existing technologies such as differential pressure transmitters and displacers

VEGAPULS 3rd Generation radar level systems offer the following benefits It uses the plics® platform for uniform design, feel and operation Selection is easier, for faster ordering and delivery Simple to set up, faster commissioning, saves you time and money Trend and data logging on an in-head display, PLICSCOM, for easy analysis Echo pictures in head offer performance evaluation without laptops Cost of purchase and ownership one of the lowest in its class. You can use non-contact radar gauges for tank and vessel level measurement on almost any liquid and many solids whether in storage or during processing. It’s versatile because it is unaffected by changes to product or process: temperature, pressure, density, conductivity, vapours or dust.

VEGAPULS Radar transmitters are non-contact, making them versatile and extremely reliable. All units have built in linearisation software to calculate the level versus shape and provide a direct output of volume on:  

Radar tank gauging in Storage vessels Level measurement in processing vessels, reactors, blenders, scrubbers and mixers
Hygienic radar systems for distillation and purified water vessels - even with water sprays
Interfaces on some special applications/liquids
Monitoring handling of high temperature molten products, inc metals, minerals and coke products

Main Industries: Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Oil and Gas, Food, Dairy, Steel, Beverage, Paper, Automotive, Aggregates, Water and Waste water and Marine… and many more!

Radar transmitters fit easily into your process, VEGAPULS can be mounted from the top, sometimes the side or even on the outside through a glass window, plastic or GRP vessel! Very small blocking distances maximise your vessel capacity Installed or changed without emptying your tank  Commissioned accurately on or off line without changing the level   No moving parts means no drift or recalibration   VEGA radar handles agitators and obstructions easily using VEGA’s ECHOFOX® software VEGA have unique, proven software with high sensitivity and wide dynamic range A “false echo” system capable of distiguishing unwanted static and moving reflections Experience in hundreds of thousands of applications on solids and liquids Proven reliability and a 3 year warranty Great service, application advice and after sales service VEGA have SIL 2 (IEC 61508/615011) conformance on VEGAPULS radar gauges, this is a special evaluation for high integrity applications. Our gauges have been tested for reliability and performance for use on hazardous products or processes.

With VEGAPULS the same transmitter can be used for high or low level switching and tank gauging or continuous level measurement. A rod or cone antenna generates millions of very short 1 nano second microwave pulses every second. Each pulse is transmitted to and reflected from a product surface. The elapsed time period between transmission and reception of the signal at the speed of light is measured and calculated as a distance. This continuous stream of pulses gives real time level information updated and evaluated many times a second.

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